Thursday, June 12, 2008

A SPECIAL COMMENT: Time for KO to take a Standing Eight Count

I'm a fan of Keith Olbermann.

Have been for a long time. Watch "Countdown" regularly. Being among that first generation to embrace ESPN - "The Big Show" was a big deal.

There are more than a few of his "Special Comments" embedded on this site. As a wordsmith, he is unmatched.

Coupling his wit with libertarian passion has been refreshing in the dark night of our nation's soul these past years.

And it's time for him to catch a breath. As we are all want to do - he is becoming what he most despised.

Whatever Murrow-esque clarity that emerged through Comments centered on then Sec. Def. Rumseld to death of Habeas Corpus - it was the crystal clarity of truth cutting through the spun fog of war, confusion and fear.

But enough already.

The O'Reilly thing is petty. Why waste so much energy on a dope?

We get it, he doesn't think W should be in office.

The once refreshing "zeal" is now really starting to resemble the ravings of Howard Beale, from "Network," something that even he enjoyed in parody.

No, it not only is starting to look like it, it's really starting to sound like it.

His most recent comments on Hillary Clinton' invoking RFK's assassination (while inappropriately stated can hardly be considered conspiratorial) and then Katie Couric's assertion that sexism had a role in Hillary's campaign demise (which he dismissed way too quickly in defense of a fellow reporter because of the one who levied it) is a reach that does not serve him well.
Go to Countdown's website and see for yourself.

And then it hit me.

I wonder if he now thinks he has to come up with a rant to be relevant. I know what it's like when you feel like you have to come up with something to say.

It comes off empty, forced--whatever truth exposed is now muted by a healthy dose of ego that's fully in the way.

So KO, I love ya buddy - but take a step back, gain some perspective - especially with an election on the horizon.

You're better than what you've been spewing.

Good night, and good luck.

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