Thursday, June 12, 2008

It's My Journey - Get Your Own

I started this blog 3 years ago. I've offered comment on a lot of different thing in that time. Politics, the church, my life with all its joys and pains.

Over the years many of you have jumped in and offered your thoughts - words of support, taking me to task for points of view that swirled in my head.

But nothing, and I mean nothing has brought more response than my most previous post.

Evidently, "Journey" nation has taken umbrage at my thoughts concerning the current incarnation of the band.

Since that post went up about 36 hours ago - that post alone has had over 250 hits.

Now understand - 15 to 20 hits a day, across the whole blog is normal.

In the words of Frank Barone, "Holy crap!" (I'm sure that'll get the Raymond devotees upset).

Researching the sources of all the energy around little ole me- it appears that someone took a snapshot of that post and uploaded it to YouTube.

Whoever the guy is who did this said, in effect, "Sic 'em."

And they have.

Look people - Arnel Pineda has a great voice and an even greater story - I wish him well.

It's just not my "Journey."

I'm content to have my Journey wrapped up in my past, and that looked and sounded a certain way in my memory.

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