Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Go Get 'em, Girl!

To my Memphis Conference friends,

In a day when the Church is confused about priorities, scared about its future, disillusioned with our leaders and wondering where the leadership with integrity can be found---

I have good news...

My friend and partner in ministry for the past four years is moving on from Saint John's this week to faithfully engage the itineracy in her new appointment.

She's going to the soil of my birth, Western Kentucky.

And she's going to rock!

From there, who knows...but be sure of this...there is a loving, grace-full prophetess on the loose with a voice of power and clarity speaking God's truth. For some, it will be a wellspring of grace quenching the inhospitable desolation of exclusion and self-righteous judgement. And for those who have nothing to offer but inhospitable exclusion and self-righteous judgement, her words will be no more welcome than those who've been shown the door by their "religion."

In my years of ministry, I'm not sure that I'll ever know anything more joyful than watching her find her voice and being there as she became what God called her.

Go get 'em, LJ - I'll always call you friend, but I couldn't be more proud to call you "colleague."

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