Wednesday, December 26, 2012

On the first day of Christmas ....

  Time for my annual rant. 

"Christmas is over," so says the marketplace, media types and others. The work of putting away all the exterior fixtures showing we had "Christmas spirit" will be gone by the weekend. Presumably, so will any of the interior work we will have done. 
As long as we can put Christmas in a box to open when we want and put it away when we say, then there is no true transformation. 

The Church observed Christmas as a season. The impact of Incarnation requires meaningful time be observed. The newborn Jesus deserves our attention more than just seeing him lay away in a manger. We who have had newborn children know that there's only one thing better than the first time you see the baby---it's the next time you do. 

The days of Christmas (yes, there are 12), allow the reality of Jesus to "breathe" in us. It gives room for us to take in the implications of his life in the midst if ours. 

Maybe one of the reasons we put all evidence of Christmas away so quickly is that while we're happy to observe the season, we're not convinced we can be transformed by it....and that goes for institutions as well as people (can you hear me talking, UMC?)

So let this season "be."  And "be" in this season.  It may just be that the changes in life we most seek are being packed away in storage boxes with tinsel and lights.