Sunday, March 08, 2009


No posts in over a month...

Nothing to say? Oh, I got plenty.

And yet, I find myself stifled.

Let's look at several possible definitions of that word, shall we? offers the following definitions, along with my interpretive comments

  1. To interrupt or cut off (the voice, for example). As in Archie Bunker, yelling at Edith, "Stifle yourself, Edith."
  2. To keep in or hold back; repress: As in, I have plenty to share but I am "stifled" by the principalities and powers to whom I am accountable...hypothetically speaking, of course.
  3. To kill by preventing respiration; smother or suffocate. Doesn't really apply to me in this context...yet.

There's plenty about me being spoken of right now and there's much I wish I can say. And when I'm cleared to do so (as in not stifled anymore) I will.

Those of you who read me know that this vehicle is as much a stream of consciousness medium as it a place to process deep thought and post insightful treatises on any of a number of topics, although I do that here from time to time, too. Thus, one of the reasons for my absence from this forum.

To ramble on is to breach covenantal commitments to which I've vowed my life.

My mom has always accused me of being a bad liar...something about my face giving me away - dammit. The same could be said, I guess, of what I write. I guess it's pretty clear where I am on things when I write about them.

Silence isn't golden, here. It's just necessary.

Timing can be a tough thing, and this is one such time.

Things are not bad, change isn't either...especially when we hold fast to what is right, true and fundamental about a God of Love and Grace.

Please be patient with me...keep your prayers constant, and let us hold fast to the belief that in all things of faith to God be the glory.


Anonymous said...

I thought maybe you weren't going to post again until the Tigers lose another game. In that case I hope it isn't until after the Final Four!
Go Tigers!

Anonymous said...

We've been worried because you've been looking stressed. You are in our prayers. Marcia