Thursday, March 26, 2009

Exceeded Expectations

OK - I've said nothing about these guys all year.
And now it's over for the season.
A few thoughts.
They already exceeded what I expected of them this year. Back in early December, I was thinking a 25 win season would be a good, if not optimistic thing.
But they played hard. Won ugly, alot. This team was not better than last year's team. But they showed themselves well. I was at most of the home games, and it was not always pretty, but this was a determined bunch.
Of the four games we lost, only one did we get beat. That was tonight.
As I've alluded in previous posts...the Tigers can't break my heart. That's happened already. But what these fellas did was help me, maybe help all of us - move past what happened last April and determine that it is good to regroup, reload and fight on another day.
Don't get me wrong, I hope KU loses their next game 124-0!

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