Thursday, July 17, 2008

Of those 34" Waist Shorts in My Drawer . . . .

Tried 'em today.

I'd wear them around the house now.

The end of August brings real possibilities. If that goal is achieved, we're talking college weight. We might think of that as my "fighting weight."

There was a time that seemed like irrational delusion. It is now within reach.

I've mixed in a daily 2-3 mile walk. I turn on my "Workout" playlist on the Ipod, and off I go. Among the artists I hurriedly step to? AC/DC, Boston, Chicago (the Terry Kath era), Van Halen (Red Rocker's era is better for walking, Diamond Dave is better for rockin'), The Who.

The stand by list, depending on my mood, is too great to list here.

Time for a daily go on the TotalGym for muscle tone.

Larger goals persist yet.

As I prepare to enter my 44th year in a few days, I want to do what I've never been able to sustain thus far.

That is, make significant weight loss not the end, but the means to the end of life patterns. If I can sustain my weight and pattern of life until my (deep breath) 50th year, I will have ingrained a pattern, I hope, to see me through the last chapters of my journey upon this earthen sod.

That's the plan.

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Nancy said...

Great job on the life changes, you can tell it has made a difference. And by the way 50 (gasp)isn't so bad, just another chapter and you'll qualify for your AARP discount and thats good!!