Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Going to MI's West Coast

Feeling a bit like a journalist on the road - I leave in just a bit to travel to Grand Rapids, Michigan, to participate in the School of Congregational Development.

I'm attending with a team of clergy from our Conference as we seek strategies and trajectories to help local congregations find vitality of mission of purpose again.

I'm hopeful for good results - something tangible to bring back and help instill life into my home turf - I'm realistic enough to know that most of the time these things promise far more than they can deliver.

I mean, really, how much can you get sitting in a hotel conference room?

Anyway, I'll report in through the week on what's happening. I'll share my impressions of Grand Rapids - although I'm bummed that it's too far to Detroit, and the local baseball team, the West Michigan Whitecaps, are on the road -

But there is the Gerald Ford museum!!! Oooooo - Fun!

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