Wednesday, May 31, 2006

May Ramblings

Some thoughts at May's end . . .

+ Katie Couric, leave already.

+ We saw "The DaVinci Code" last night. And I was right. The movie in my head was much better than the movie on the screen. The scenery was great, but there was too much to accomplish from the novel in order to make the movie work. I don't blame Ron Howard, it was just too much to ask. The movie assumes you've read the book, which, for everyone but my wife, isn't a problem - but she was lost.

To the movie's credit, however, the historic flashbacks were excellent, especially the one around Constantine and the Council of Nicaea.

And finally, why is Ian McKellan in every movie right now? Gandalf, Magneto - Teabring - enough already!

+ My recent foray into the public domain of letters to the editor has been interesting. It hasn't been my first, but it was my first in quite awhile.

If you want to read the unedited version of the letter (the CA took a few liberties, but it goes with the territory, I guess), go to the "Standing With Trish" post.

The response from Sunday's paper has been mixed - not that I care.

C.W. (I'll be polite and spare you his name and email address) writes:

The ACLU is fighting Christianity and how you can call yourself a Christian and defend them in a letter to the paper is beyond my understanding. You make me ashamed to call myself a Methodist.

Well, for one, I wasn't defending the ACLU - I was showing support for a congregant who was being pummeled by misguided folks like you.

By the way, when enough of your civil liberties have been taken from you, you'll think differently about any group that seeks to protect them - you can count on that.

And finally, sir, I'm ashamed to call you a Methodist, too.

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Anonymous said...

Dang man... you strapped it on to C.W.!!

Another good, insightful, and honest post.