Monday, May 15, 2006

Liberty Down

Here are two voices that raise the growing threat on the essential character of our founding - as people who are free.

I hear alot about freedom these days. Stuff like "freedom isn't free." That's probably right. It has been paid for with the blood of our sons and daughters. It is something to be honored, protected.

Ultimately, though, it is something to be lived.

Freedom lived out is something that honors the price paid. Freedom was so important that a document of such perceived perfection, The Consitution of the United States, needed to be amended to insure that certain freedoms were crystal clear.

And right now, our freedoms are being taken, one by one, by those entrusted to defend from all enemies, foreign and domestic.

These are folks whose orchestrations to defer their moment of service back in the day should give pause to everyone.

The first word here is from Craig Crawford and his recent offering on Huffington Post -
Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death

The second is a work of fiction, but is true for our moment in time.

This mp3 file is a scene from "Boston Legal." I don't watch that show, but I might start. James Spader's character is defending his client, who, in her protest of her country's behavior, chose not to pay her taxes.

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