Saturday, August 02, 2008

SCD - Day Three

(GRAND RAPIDS) - A much better day -

Feeling some extra sleep was more important than the morning plenary - I slept in.

I did attend the next Core Ministry workshop, which was Rudy Rasmus, pastor of St. John's, Houston.

Compelling story - real - an approach that more readily resonates - and we know some of the same people.

He may well have been the reason I came.

I anticipate more conversation with him before the week is done.

There are ideas coalescing - informed in part from what little bit I've "gleaned," and, some conferencing with trusted colleagues of some areas of focus I'm feeling compelled to explore in the practice of ministry at "my" Saint John's.

And then, the rest of the day.

We travelled to Grand Haven, on Lake Michigan. Beautiful community. They were in the midst of their annual Coast Guard Festival. Hundreds of boats on the water. It was a community celebration and beatiful to watch on a stunningly beautiful day.

And it was here that I got my steps in. Guess I walked at least 3 miles but did so among the masses.

We made it to the beach and it was wonderful. The cool water and sand was too inviting. So, I excused myself from the crew, found my spot, took off shirt, and "sprawled" on the beach. Not sure how long I was out, but I'm pretty red right now - and it's awesome.

Tomorrow, on the Lord's Day, I'm attending the "teaching church" option for worship. I'm going to First UMC, downtown Grand Rapids, an urban church focusing on outreach, spiritual formation and worship. And, they're growing!

Ahh, something familiar, at last!

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