Monday, August 18, 2008

Of Cones of Silence - My Guess Is That They Missed It By That Much!

I'm thinking Pastor Rick Warren's "purpose" in driving home the notion that the other of the two candidates was in a "cone of silence" during the forum last weekend was to help assure the gathering that all was fair and square - on the up and up.

It's politics...what a naive thought, that.

I watched the forum, there were code words aplenty from Barack and John seeking to score points with the voting block they were courting.

Sometimes Sen. Obama's work at finding the right answer comes off as one searching too hard to find the right words to something that shouldn't be that difficult. Too many "ahhs" and way too many "as I have saids," show someone trying too hard to prove one's self to a skeptical crowd.

Sen. McCain's answers flowed a bit more freely (maybe too freely), and the propensity to tell stories rather than answer difficult questions with difficult answers about difficult issues that perplex our country and our world was way too predictable. And when there was an answer, it was usually a one word, terse response seeming to communicate certainty - and that certainty was way too cut and dried, thereby ignoring the complexities of life in which too many of us are forced to make sense of life in the shades of grey.

But back to the "cone of silence."

Funny thing about "Cones of Silence," and an interesting choice of words by Rick Warren. Forget that "Get Smart" drivel on the big screen this Summer. For those of you too young to remember; one, you make me sick, but two, the television series displayed a mastery at great writing and perfect delivery. The relevance of this world view is staggeringly contemporary. We laugh and cringe all that the same time.

Oh, and "cones of silence," be they contrived or real - we all know how well they work. Ever said "I'm not supposed to tell this, but I trust you so I'm going to tell you, and you can't repeat it, o.k.?"

"Of course," you say in response.

Until, in the company of another "trusted" person, you repeat the "I'm not supposed to tell...." - and then that "cone" is pretty darned cracked.

Yea, cones of silence work about as well as this one . . . .

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