Monday, February 26, 2007

Child of God - Will You Put on Christ? PRAY

When you pray, for what do you pray?

For whom?

What is the “stuff” of your heart that matters so much to you that you write it down, utter it aloud, or let it rise from the recesses of those places in you that are “too deep for words.”

During this Lent, Children of God, will you put on Christ as you pray?

What does that mean, exactly? Think of it this way - as God’s sons and daughters, and, as Christians, it is the mind of Christ that you seek beyond all others, then should not the petitions of our hearts reflect the cares and concerns of the very one to whom we are praying?

Think of when you read about Jesus praying – the only prayer that could even begin to sound self-interested was from Gethsemane’s Garden, and even then, it is framed in a manner of supplication yielding to willingness to serve - “If there’s any way for all this to happen any other way, now’s the time, but, in the end, what you desire matters most.” (a Jeffords paraphrase). All other prayers by Jesus invoke the power and presence of God in the situations of pain, distress, death, and places where forgiveness needs to granted most. The most notable of these must be uttered by Jesus on the cross for the sake of those who had just nailed him to it – “Father, forgive them, they don’t know what they’re doing.”

Child of God, will you put on Christ this Lent – will you Listen? Will you Pray?

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