Monday, February 26, 2007

Child of God - Will You Put on Christ? LISTEN

The forty days of this Lenten journey is often spent giving too much time and effort to our “doing.”

What will I give up, what behaviors will I not undertake for these forty days only to jump back in head first once Easter has come and gone?

At Saint John’s, this Lent we ask the question of one another, “Child of God - Will You Put on Christ?” And if you will, what are ways we do - that? For this Sunday, Lent 1, as we begin, we LISTEN to the God who has spoken and still speaks in extraordinary ways and in that still, small voice.

We LISTEN for the voice of God that comes to us through Scripture, a convergence of events in our lives, or the winds that blow. For Lent, will you LISTEN?

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