Friday, October 20, 2006

I Beg Your Pardon? You Stepped in What?

Just when you think it can't be any worse than it is, watch this.

Well - they did. And W. signed it. Done deal.

We have now officially codified as the norm the very thing this country fought to gain independence from in the late 1700's. Back when I originally wrote "King W.," in November of 2004, I guess I never really thought we'd let things go this far.

What's that old saying, "we become what we most depise?" Well for all of you faithful subjects of
W. the President,
be reminded, as John Dominic Crossan explains, "you can't have an Empire and a Democracy at the same time, at least not for long." So, you folks have a new song to sing - no longer "God Bless America," but - - -
God save the king.

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