Friday, September 02, 2005

Another Definition of an Idiot

KEITH OLBERMANN: "I actually heard a commentator this afternoon—it was that Limbaugh—suggest that the issue of class and race in those who were left behind in New Orleans was irrelevant, because, as he put it, those people were not forced to live there and they weren‘t bussed into New Orleans. And I was thinking, A, this guy is even more clueless than I thought he was, which is saying something. But, B, there are people who actually believe that."

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nachusa05 said...

Some people prefer not to think in shades of gray. It they do so that means they are admitting that there is not always a hard and fast rule to everything. It is easier to think in terms of “always right or always wrong” or it is either black or white. There is not gray. The truth is that there are so many shads of gray there are very few black and white answers.