Sunday, October 31, 2010


In just a few days, Kristy and I are traveling with 10 other clergy couples from the Memphis area. We are going to Israel.

This cadre of clergy represent the diversity of spiritual leadership in Memphis. We are friends first, colleagues second.

We raised our voices as one to call the city together after the Lester Street massacre. We spoke as one about the need to preserve a healthcare safety net for the least among us, which is currently provided through The Med.

We believe that the character of our friendships feeds us because we understand in each other the impact our work has on our families and us.

I've been blessed to know these guys and their spouses. We travel together as interfaith, ecumenical and multiracial representatives of the people of faith in the Memphis area.

I'll be filing updates of our pilgrimage throughout.

Looking forward to something special.

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