Thursday, August 13, 2009

Heaven's Band Has a New Lead Guitarist + Rest in Peace, Les Paul

This is my indulgence when I turned 40.
I didn't buy a sports car.
I didn't get a tatoo.
I didn't run off with a 25 year old.
I bought a guitar.
When I felt the urge to buy an electric guitar, there was only one choice for me.
You know the "Frampton Comes Alive" album cover?
There you go.
Together with my Marshall amp - I have far more quality tools than I have game to play.
But man, I'm glad I have 'em.
We can't ignore Les' talent par excellence, but consider too his longevity in which he matched that talent with ambition to make the most of the time he had.
A life lesson beyond the guitar, to be sure,and maybe the most enduring expression of an extraordinary legacy.

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Sky McCracken said...

Nice guitar! The Les Paul was too heavy for me - so I was a Stratocaster man. But you play much better than me, too.