Thursday, November 06, 2008

Preachers' Worst Vice? The Gossip Game

This post is for my covenant friends with whom I share life in the order of the ordained.

Six of you, that's right six, different ones of you approached me yesterday to inquire as to a rumor involving me and my future.

You know, "the word is...." something about me, my future and a church in another Conference. At first, I was there? really?

To the ones who asked me directly, thank you for honoring and caring enough about me enough to do that.

But then, my amusement at clergy gossip turned to anger. And for those of you perpetuating a rumor, that is now moving into the realm of my laity - and I find out you're the one doing it....hope you have your Discipline handy - cause I'm a'comin.' And don't think I won't.

For those of you spending your time crafting fairy tales about someone's future - I wished you spent a bit more time tending to the one you've been charged to keep. There's plenty enough work for us to do in our own fields of service without meddling in another.

On one level I get it - there's "kitchen cabinet" stuff - I know that game and play it well. But then there's letting an uncorroborated story spread so pervasively throughout the Conference, under the auspices of "being in the know," that you do harm.

And without shooting this down - that's where we are.

And by the way, not like it's any of your damn business - there's nothing to it. Nothing. Never was. So stop acting like you know something that you don't.

And next time you think you know something about me, don't go to your colleague and do the ole "don't tell anybody about this..but Jeffords is ...." schtick- you pick up the phone, call me and ask me yourself.

Of course, knowing how things work in our Conference, if anything is going on involving me, I'm sure I'll be the 7th person to find out!


Tiberius said...

Preach, brother.

window watcher said...

agree wholeheartedly with the post ... and, by the way, love the new pic!