Tuesday, September 16, 2008

KMMS Weekend - NYC

So, Kristy and I went to New York last week for a long weekend.

It was great to be away with my girl for a few days.

We flew into town last Thursday, September 11.

A little eerie.

We stayed in a hotel in midtown Manhattan on 51st between 8th and 9th. Kristy's younger sister, who's doing a rotation at a hospital in the city, and her fiance' hosted us and showed us around.

I was last in NYC when I was 17, as a part of the old Washington-UN Seminar, that more than a few United Methodist youth participated in many years ago.

The city scared me to death back then.

Just shy of 30 years later - I loved it, embraced it.

I experienced the charm of Puttanesca's for dinner where the food and vino seemed somehow just a bit richer than it could ever be back home.

I had half of a half of a hot pastrami on rye at the Carnegie Deli.

Walked up 8th to Columbus Circle, over 59th down 5th -

Walked over to 30 Rock.

Had sushi right next door to the Ed Sullivan Theater. Poked my head into the "Hello Deli."

We saw "Boeing, Boeing" and laughed ourselves silly followed by cheesecake at Junior's. (Two bites only for me)

Walked down Broadway to Macy's. Why? Because it's there.

Had an awesome brunch at the Nook.

Took the Subway to the Bronx and to the "House that Ruth Built" and took in a game. It was everything I thought it would be. Amazing. One of baseball's temples. A patch of green in a concrete jungle that dripped with history. Since the boys in pinstripes are not going to the post-season, we watched one of the last 10 games to be played in that house.

And to make the experience complete, the Yankees lost - got shelled by the Rays.

I'm a NL guy, what are you going to do? I think pitchers ought to bat. It's just that simple.

Right next to Yankee Stadium is this monstrosity built by Mr. Steinbrenner that no common New Yorker is going to be able to afford to go to. We sat just behind a family from the Bronx who did all they could to get their tickets to bring their young kids to one more game before the new stadium opens up. They lamented the thought that they would no longer be able to take their kids to the game. Seriously, we're talking about the doubling of ticket prices. Pretty sad.

Had a lovely dinner at El Quixote in Chelsea - walked down to the West Village to the Magnolia Bakery for muffins (nope, didn't have any).

Ate a lot of New York - but never too much.

I spent Sunday morning strolling Central Park with my wife. Not much better than that.

KMMS? What's that? Some freaking Scientology code (which, by the way, have I got a story about that - for another post!).

Nope. Nothing so covert.

Simply this - Keep My Marriage Sane.

And with this time apart we did.

Thank God.

Now, back to it. Our kids were happy to see us, and we to see them.

God is good.

Can't be the last such getaway, and it won't be.

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Marcia V said...

Good for you and Kristy. We can all take a lesson-you gotta be a couple first or there is no couple. You were missed, but we are glad y'all had a great time!!