Thursday, April 17, 2008


Those of you who have suffered a soul wound through the unexpected death of someone close will understand.

I thought that this April 17 would roll by without much impact.

But the veil of grief doesn't take a year off - and today is one of those days in which I'll revisit the impact of loss four years on.

Four years. How is that possible?

After Jimmy died, I swore I'd be a better man than I was then. It has taken me four years - I think I can say I am - not yet what I could be, or should be - but better.

My deepest regret is living with the question never answered of the man he would have been four years later.

I love you, brother.


Sandra said...

Somehow knowing Jimmy - and being loved by him - made of each of us a better person. Love him, love you.

Tiberius said...

You're already a good man, Johnny J.