Monday, February 25, 2008

Nothing Until Now

Ask anybody who's talked with me this season - the UT game is the one I saw coming up main street. And then to enter the game #1 and undefeated - a recipe for what happened was better than any dish Emeril Lagasse could dream up.
Of all people, we'd lose to, you knew it would be them.

You, my couple of faithful readers, will also note that I've said nothing about Tiger basketball this season.

Not until now.

First, this Tiger team is incredible to watch, especially in person. I have a feeling with them that I haven't had since I was at Memphis State in the early 80's. Interestingly enough, sitting on the baseline nearest the Tiger bench Saturday night was the the school's leading scorer - Keith Lee, and next to him Penny Hardaway.

Legacy. Cool.

A couple of thoughts after losing to UT.
  • No question, Cal has met his match in Bruce Pearl. Cal lives with the need for a foil. John Cheney, Rick Pitino, Bob Huggins - Pearl may have them all beat.

  • UT is for real. I was very impressed with their talent.

  • We still should have won the game by 10 points. Why didn't we? 46% from the FT line. Calipari says "we'll hit them when it counts." Well, if Saturday night didn't prove it, nothing will - THEY ALL COUNT!

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