Friday, September 28, 2007

My Annual Dose of Misery

I love the Memphis Tigers, and for no real good reason - I don't mind telling you.

A graduate? - sure.

The local school? - of course.

Perpetual underdog just trying to make a mark? I'm a sucker for such things.

This football season is a reality check that the DeAngelo and Danny years were not the beginning of a new era in the program - they were the anomaly.

How do I know that? Take a look at those of us who have bled blue and gray for most of our lives - that glazed over blank stare that bespeaks the familiarity we have with perpetually snatching defeat from the jaws of victory - it's back, and it's hard to watch - because unless something dramatically turns and this season can be saved - you'll see more bodies in the stands at local high school games than you will in the Liberty Bowl.

So, what will happen? Most likely? Our coach will be at least on the hot seat - maybe even fired - which will be made doubly tough given the fact that he's a good guy and the city likes him. But 2-10 last year, and a 1-3 start this year - this won't end well.

What's that chant I hear in week 4 of the football season? "Basketball anyone?"

We've seen it all before, and more than once - it's miserable.

I've gotta run - the Cubs are on, and they're on a 5 games losing streak, up 2 games with one weekend of baseball to go -

Any guesses where this is headed?

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