Saturday, August 25, 2007

LET YOUR LIFE SPEAK - Part 5 "Leading from Within"

No manuscript to peruse before Sunday.

After a week’s hiatus, to allow one of my colleagues time in the pulpit to fulfill ordination requirements, I return to finish this six week exploration of Parker Palmer’s book Let Your Life Speak.

If you know anything about me, you are stunned to disbelief that the previous four sermons in the series have prompted me to write four distinct manuscripts.

I wanted and needed to do that. I stood in the high and lifted up pulpit of the Saint John’s sanctuary and offered these sermons. Not my usual m.o. – but something I felt brought validation to liberating word of the Gospel as understood through these very focused words of Parker Palmer.

For the last two – it’s time to do what I more normally do – acknowledge the pulpit’s presence, or course, but stand among the people to encourage and proclaim the God given vocation that resides in each of us to be lived into – fulfilled.

To do that – I use an outline, hardly anything I’d want to put on a blog post – but if you are among those who have followed the series, I will covenant to post a transcript of what is preached.

In addition – mp3 files of the series thus far are available our the church’s website

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