Monday, July 09, 2007

Oh My Back

A brief update on the 2007 Jeffords Holiday

Today is Big Kahuna day - that annual trip to Destin's waterpark. Lots of water - lots of people - lots of money - lots of slides - tubes -

ahh, heaven (I'm only sorta serious).

The braintrusts at Big Kahuna's Inc. have a new policy - you purchase a ticket for one day's admission to the park, you get a second, free!

ahhh, hell (again, I'm only sorta serious).

1 comment:

Joe Baseball said...

God be with you, my friend. Enjoy the vacations before your kids get too big to want to go with you. But remember, there are other vacations on the other side of that wall. One word: Chicago! Cool temperatures, 2 baseball teams, Navy Pier, Michigan Avenue and Buddy Guy's Legends. Need I say more?