Saturday, May 05, 2007

JC - Week One

- 8.6

Nothing to brag about - rather, a simple indicator of the relative amount that needs to be lost.

I've spent most of this week really disappointed in myself - that I'm in the spot I'm in.


Leigh Ann said...

Dear Johnny ----

While you may feel that it's nothing to brag about, the consensus here is that you have made an awesome start! Don't forget to try and relish those little victories, even if they are not quite as substantial as you had hoped. Your efforts in less than 7 days show how hard you have worked and that you are really dedicated to change. Hats off to you!

And thanks for yesterday. You were great!
Thomas and Leigh Ann

Kathy said...

Arghhh! 8.6 lbs. is alot to brag about. Most WOMEN would jump through hoops backwards on one foot in a clown suit just to have that kind of weight loss in one week. (I would only see 2-3 lbs. per week, and I thought I was bustin' it). Your results are indicative of the male weight loss phenomenon. Be loud and proud and keep on going!