Thursday, April 12, 2007

A Freshman in the House

One more sign that life is about to change, again.

My wife and I, along with our oldest son, attended the incoming freshman parent/student meet n greet at
HIGH SCHOOL tonight.

That's right, kids, High School.

There's something about the smell of a high school gym - you know what they say about olfactory triggers of memory. When we gathered in the gym for orientation, I commented, "this smells like high school."

Eager parents were there along with their excited offspring (although the aforementioned offspring presented themselves as being nonplussed, gotta look cool don't you know).

Being the observer of people that I am, it was case study time.

And I've come to a conclusion. I don't think you can go into a high school, any high school, without the engrams of your own memory firing up reminding you of when you where in your own.

Now what you do with that remembrance varies. Some folks take that remembrance and place it proper perspective. For others, though, it was as if they were in high school again.

Those folks scare me.

With only a handful of notable exceptions, there really is not much about my own high school experience I would want to remember or relive, either in actuality or vicariously through Andrew.

But as I watched my boy, the young man he has become, I couldn't help but notice that glint of excitement in his eye - and maybe a little fear, too - that a new chapter awaits him this fall.

The stories, the joys and pains - the journey that awaits.

It's not one I can take for him - but I think I will be taking it with him.

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Penny Comes said...

You think a high school orientation feels funny, try COLLEGE! Emily has been accepted at U of M and we will be attending her orientation in June. I'm amazed at how little she knows! For instance, she thought the towels were provided in the dorm, like a hotel, except that she had to wash them! Oh My Goodness!! I told her no, and don't look for anybody to come clean the room and change the sheets on the bed either!! Well, congratulations on being a first time HS parent!