Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Child of God, Will You Put on Christ? Will You - Follow?

Last word of this six week progression -

Nothing pithy from me. Nothing profound.

Just the question - Child of God, will you put on Christ?

Will you follow?

In our sanctuary at Saint John's - we have little banners that surround the nave with each of the words we've lived with during Lent. The word "Follow" completes the circle and is right there at the foot of the cross.

The teachings of Jesus - as much as they inspire and instruct - ultimately, they challenge us to live on the edge of who we thought we ever could be, but not for self - for "the other."

The call to follow Jesus, even to the cross, is among the asks us and to be motivated by nothing else than this - love and grace.

Of all the reasons, all the excuses we employ to be anything but faithful, to do anything but follow, I cannot help but be reminded of the words of Jesus from Gethsemane, who, in his moment of ontological angst, in the end, was crystal clear - "not my will God, but yours."

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