Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Sojos Representin'

The Sojourners' Class at my church - well, they're just cool.

I'm the old man among them, and yet, they put up with me.

We're just starting this book, brought to the group by one of our own, who, like all the rest, struggles with the
incongruity of what the Gospel compels us to do in the face of systemic evil, and the relative silence of congregations, large and small on these issues.

Sometimes that silence is of our own making.

The prevailing spirit from this class, though, as led by Gospel mandates, is that, if there is silence in the face of such issues, it won't be from them.

I'm proud of this class, but not in a "pride goeth before the fall," kinda way.

Really, its more satisfaction wrapped in thankfulness, and a little bit of awe. I really believe these folks can change the world - I feel pretty sure they're changing me.

God knows we both need it.

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