Monday, November 20, 2006

A Cornucopia of Thoughts This Thanksgiving Week

Let me get this straight -this past weekend, as all hell is breaking loose in Iraq, the lead story in the press is that Scientology Boy and his new Stepford Wife sealed their nuptials with a "never-ending kiss" in an Italian castle.

Granted, I could care less that Tom and Katie are married - live and let live, I say.

But this disparity in press coverage highlights the continuing issue we live with - as long as we can approach the issues around war at our convenience, and not have it front and center all the time, our appetite for it will linger far longer than it should. It already has.

Late word today that Fox has canceled the O.J. "special" "If I Did It," and the follow up book of the same title. From a network that enjoys the sensational, I'm really surprised they canned it. One can only imagine the pressure brought to bear on NewsCorp and its affiliates. That's a good thing. Besides, I don't need the Juice to tell me how he might have done we already know how he did it.

It's called "Thanksgiving," Stupid
Get ready, every weatherperson will do it. As they give us the Thanksgiving Day forecast, they won't call it "Thanksgiving." No, they'll call it "Turkey Day." Turkey day is not a holiday. Thanksgiving is. How can we be in a posture to give thanks when we fail to use the right name because we'd rather be perceived as cool? Of course, one usually does not put the words "cool" and "weatherperson" in the same sentence unless talking about the forecast.

That's it for me until next week. Time to be with family. To give thanks for our life together and the stories to be remembered. May your Thanksgiving offer you the same.

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