Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Defining Moment II - Reformation Time Again

A good rule of thumb when trying to determine if a decision on matters of faith is a good one.

If you can hear Jesus telling you, "well done, thou good and faithful servant," it's probably a good indicator of faithfulness.

If you can' might need to rethink.

So, do you hear Jesus saying "well done" to:
  • barring someone from membership because they are gay
  • refusing someone called into ministry because of their sexual identity
  • perpetuating a consumerist theology that further marginalizes the poor
  • seeking to create nation state's in our own image
  • sending our sons and daughters to die in a war seemingly framed on faulty, if not manipulated intelligence
  • torture other children of God and justify it because we're at war

When the Church protects it's polity at the expense of the Gospel, you either change the polity or the Church dies because it no longer mirrors the One they claim as their Head.

So, it's time to change our polity?


Who's with me?


Anonymous said...


I'm amazed at the horros perpetrated in the name of Jesus on both sides...


poody said...

I am a recovering Catholic. I am so tired of all the bigots in the world doing things in the name of Jesus Christ. If we keep acting so badly he is never coming back!!!