Thursday, January 03, 2013

Standing Down

After 8 years and 374 posts, I feel like it's time to put the blog thing to rest.

This will be my last post on this blog.  It's not like I have nothing else to say, but there are other avenues to do that.  Shoot, I may learn to be so poignant and concise that I'll master the art of doing it in 140 characters or less (don't count on it)!   And then there's always "the" Facebook.

The factors prompting me to launch this in the first place are not what they were...a lot of things can change in 8 years, and that's been the case with me.  Bottom line...I just don't want to do this, like this, anymore.

Over the years I've revealed a lot about a few things that matter very much to me, and a little bit about a lot of stuff going on in the world.  I've revealed my journey.  I've written much about me.  Arguably too much.  But I've tried to be true.

Upon reflection some of what I've shared would have been better for a journal.  Living in the stream of consciousness that I do, some of what I have written is just me sharing where I am at a given moment.  Most folks get that.  Others want to dissect it and parse hidden meanings, and that fatigues me.

When I write wondering what the reader will think, and if I edit myself for fear of how it will be received, it's time to stand down.

I never started this to get denominational notice, although I surely say a lot about my denomination.  If you're looking for that kind of blog...there's ton of 'em out there each begging for your notice and acknowledgement of how relevant their words are for issues confronting the church.  And a few of them really are that relevant.  A very few.

It's not that I'm writing less.  I'm probably writing more than ever, but my writing is staying with me for now as I process the next phases of my life in ministry.  In my journal I'm free to write for me, what I think, what I feel, and I don't have to interpret it.  That's my "zone" right now.

I'm not planning on deleting the blog.  The day may come when I take it back up, but I do not see it on the horizon.   Ultimately I may grab some posts that meant much and migrate some other place...but that's not a worry for me right now.

For those who've hung in there with me across the years, I appreciate it.  A few of you were there from the very start, and I know you'll stick with me still.

Peace, y'all.